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No New Posts Character Profiles
The collection of people who call Eudocia home from the kingdoms to the kingdomless. Take the time to explore the characters through these chronicles and post an application to join the ranks. Read through our guidebook before applying.

Subforums: The Caldonians, The Averians, The Tyrgerians, The Ombrians, The Rogues

163 151 Jun 29 2017, 11:58 PM
In: Hans Asbjörnson
By: Hans Asbjörnson
No New Posts World Development
Come here to track your world with character trackers, plot character connections and relationships, and join in on site-wide plots that involve a considerable number of people. Please keep updated on the current events happening in Cineri. Depending on the plot, canon characters will also be listed to fill out plot roles.

Subforums: Character Development, Character Trackers

80 252 Oct 2 2017, 04:13 PM
By: Vartouhi Nazaryan
No New Posts Correspondence
This is an IC message board. If you'd like to have your characters plan something in character or keep in touch across kingdom lines, here is where you can do it! Each new correspondence can be a thread, but please keep in mind that the ONLY form of long distance communication is a letter.

Subforums: Character Journals and Records, Alternate Universe

15 98 Jul 14 2016, 11:00 AM
In: Party like it's 2016
By: Zevriel Caldwell

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
No New Posts Meadows

Near the river there lies tall grass, blossoming with flowers of all kind and hiding snakes and squirrels and rabbits and all other kinds of wildlife. In perfect sight of the sun, its the perfect place to sleep the day away, and the perfect place to lay near the waters.

Sub-boards: Elysian Fields

Subforums: Elysian Fields

3 16 Apr 17 2016, 10:35 AM
In: Just a bit longer
By: Brooklyn Shade
No New Posts Stone Formations

They say our ancestors built a great castle, in which the White One long ago lived. If that is true, then they fell down long ago. Rocks are visible in piles and heaps, often hiding dangerous reptiles or being the perfect place for midnight thinking, but all traces of what the past might have held were long ago lost.

Sub-boards: Full Moon Clearing

Subforums: Full Moon Clearing

7 31 Aug 19 2015, 09:34 PM
In: dream a little dream of me
By: Stephane Marcianus
No New Posts The Underground

The past was not as lost as many thought it was when some rogues discovered a large amphitheater styled ruin deep within a hidden cave set in a mountain side near the Stone Formations. With no interest in its historical value, the place was excavated and redesigned into an arena and market place. Here, no one cares who you are or where you came from. This is a place of shadier dealings and fights ranging from knock outs to death matches. Though it appears lawless, there is a hierarchy where the best fighters rule the roost.

7 33 Apr 21 2016, 02:30 PM
In: There is more
By: Zachariah Stone
No New Posts Rukieh's River

The stream that divides the large forest in two, dividing into a Southern and a Northern land. The river is always flowing here, despite it eventually leading into the colder lands of Aver and the heated waters of Caldo. Pure, crystalline blue, to drink these waters mixed with the rare nectar of the Tienta's Blossom, is to heal all wounds.

3 19 Apr 28 2016, 11:39 AM
In: His grief is their sorrow
By: Faia Yametotu
No New Posts The Great Lake

Between the two realms of Aver and Tyrgere, there is an enormous lake that the three main rivers of all three realms feed into. Because of its location, each Tribe has historically called these waters a different name, and only after centuries of disagreements did the whole of Eudocia agree to officially call it the simplified name "Great Lake". Since then, it has been designated a safe haven for all, but be wary of the dangerous fish that lurk below its deep waters.

6 39 Sep 28 2017, 01:09 AM
In: The Importance of Having a ...
By: francisthomas
No New Posts Maple Valley

These trees are frozen in their autumn garb, timeless in their fiery hues. There was once a myth that the White One was born here many moons ago. It was also said that the next White One may also be born here. Despite its beauty, it is a maze of trees and small creeks. It is easy to become lost in this beautiful autumn, so make sure to leave a trail behind you.

7 30 Jul 27 2016, 12:08 PM
In: Picking the Bones Clean
By: Aurelia Voltaire
No New Posts Miador

This is the area where Bear's Tavern and the surrounding businesses, such as the general store and village are located. It is a safe haven for rogues and wandering travelers. A place to live or visit to escape censure and persecution for a time. The tavern is nestled into the hook on the northern side of the lake and the rest of the village sprawls between the northwestern side of the lake and the widest parts of the Ravine. There is an understanding there that prejudices are left at the door.

5 17 Oct 18 2016, 10:26 AM
In: All You Have is Your Fire
By: Bear Reinier
No New Posts Garion's Marsh

South of the Stone Formations and west of the Maple Valley, an enchanting green marsh floods the region where the mountains of Aver meet the lowlands of Caldo. Because of it's frequent rains and mild climate, the foliage here is an enchanting emerald hue. These are dangerous to traverse, as they are home to many venomous beasts, poisonous herbs, and hidden boglands.

Sub-boards: Tal Madog

Subforums: Tal Madog

7 42 Sep 13 2016, 10:50 AM
In: Rising from Ruins
By: Sven Rinn
No New Posts Riverrock

On the fringe of Aver and the neutral lands there is a quaint village known as Riverrock. Whether Aver rules this town or not is often disputed and never resolved; it undoubtedly takes influence from its larger neighbor, and a number of Averians call it home, but it also functions as an independent entity and identifies itself more as a safe haven for rogues to live as well.

3 15 Jun 7 2016, 03:04 AM
In: lost my name but it's e...
By: Jericho Frost

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
No New Posts Sirenia

The capital city of Aver is an icy fortress, made of stone and ice, tall and as majestic as any other's. With a market surrounding the main meeting hall, the walls are carved with stories in runes and in common speech for anyone to read.

10 91 Sep 16 2016, 01:24 PM
In: At the doorstep
By: Alcyone Calaeno
No New Posts The Shore

Nothing can quite compare to Aver's shores. The sands reach all the way up to the Fortress' icy barricades and cascade all the way to the ocean's edge. The sand is almost pure white, and the ocean is crystal clear. The shore is a popular spot amongst all and is one of the most common meeting places for friends to frolic in its calm waves.

Sub-boards: Crystal Falls

Subforums: Crystal Falls

1 -6 Oct 7 2016, 06:38 AM
In: Reflections
By: Galen Noreis
No New Posts Icy Woods

As the woods progress further and further North, the trees grow frost until they are but icicles growing from the ground. Snow coats the earth, and these lands become nothing but a winter paradise.

4 31 Sep 9 2016, 01:41 PM
In: leave this blue neighborhood
By: Cole Harper
No New Posts Dessus

One of the major ports of Aver, Dessus houses a majority of the Kingdom's shipwrights. A small, yet thriving, town of port trade and fishery.

2 0 Jul 10 2016, 12:39 AM
In: Work Hard, Play Harder (P)
By: Caelen Eisolt
No New Posts Onryx

A place of great sanctity to the people of both the Ice and Water, Onryx is a cemetery hosting the deceased of both tribes. The burial site is a great frozen pond that seems to stretch for miles, the faces of the undead staring out for under the sheet of ice and snow. Many venture to this place to pray and pay tribute and connect with the gods who are said to wander this site in sadness and reverence themselves. A handful of homes have been built over the years outside of the pool, hermits and other spiritual seekers who offer rest and food for weary pilgrims.

1 7 Sep 15 2015, 09:35 PM
In: granite skies
By: Lucile Reynada
No New Posts Frostford

Nestled in the heart of the woods lies the garden of statues, life-like figures frozen in stone and ice, a mix of people and animals alike. Considered a terrifying place by some, a beautiful landmark by others, the garden is agreed by everyone to have been there forever. Frostford itself is a small fishing town growing on the outskirts of the garden, a town made of caravans and tents that seems to move with the tides itself. Never settled in one place, the crude town is the target of many conservative Averian’s hatred and yet is an escape from many who flee Sirenia’s big city lifestyle.

0 0 --
In: ----

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
No New Posts Attirac

The capital city of Caldo is comprised of mostly stone and metal buildings surrounded by an enormous metal wall. It is nestled in the foothills of the mountains that rise over the great expanse of desert, and from afar it appears to be a looming shadow on the bright horizon. Attirac is massive and artistic yet industrious. Its streets are busy and its buildings impenetrable.

Sub-boards: The Arena

Subforums: The Arena

10 76 Aug 2 2016, 09:40 PM
In: we can be heroes
By: Cefin Alinari
No New Posts Metal Cliffs

There are jagged peaks rising from the ground out of the woods, extending far enough to hang over the great ocean. This is often where people will go to harness the powers of lightning. They are also able to see the distant shores of the Aver realms from this height.

2 8 May 9 2016, 06:24 PM
In: Swingset Chains
By: Kaella Aquilla
No New Posts Charcoal Forests

The eastern forests of Caldo, so named for the huge fires that have left many trees standing as charcoal skeletons. Over the years, new growth has flourished in the area, filling it up with trees once again, but the charcoal skeletons still are mixed in, and able to be clearly seen among the green foliage of their living brethren.

8 45 Oct 4 2016, 05:43 PM
In: The Hunter and Hunted
By: Zevriel Caldwell
No New Posts The Desert

This vast expanse stretches out across the entire region, engulfing the lands from the shore to the edge of the region. With the occasional plants growing from the rocky lands, this place is barren, save for the enormous volcano that juts up in its very center.

2 9 Apr 17 2016, 09:30 AM
In: Tiptoe Through The Tulips
By: Conan Alinari
No New Posts Dragonden

Caldo’s trading center, Dragonden is a bustling outpost where Caldo’s culture tends to merge with that of the traveling rogue merchants. Settled in a small valley at the edge of the charcoal forest, the town is a diverse and colorful array of buildings, caravans and tents. At the edge of the town a gnarled tree has been burned into the branched and thorny shape of a great dragon’s head with a gaping maw big enough to swallow a man whole—an icon that has existed as long as anyone can remember.

2 9 Jun 8 2016, 01:23 PM
In: Wild At Heart
By: Monty Eckhart
No New Posts Tamtiane's Tower

A great tower spiraling out of the ground and seeming to be made out of stone and metal rocketing up towards the sky. Winding staircases inside lead to a platform at the very top that sits higher than any other point in Caldo. Although located originally in Lightning tribe territory, legend tells of how Tamtiane was jealous of Nyasle’s high metal cliffs and built the tower to sit higher than her sister.

0 0 --
In: ----

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
No New Posts Ninvale

Tyrgere's capital city is both above and underground, the remains of the once powerful Earth Tribe contributing to the tunnels while a series of open structures connect from above. Trees and the earth are incorporated into its element and the kingdom seems but a natural extension of the land around it, made with long streets and buildings full of windows for wind to come streaming through.

10 67 Oct 7 2016, 08:45 AM
In: Blame it on the Delirium
By: Seraphina Terrazzo
No New Posts Marble Library

One of the few landmarks that clearly defines the Tyrgere people is this enormous library seated right in the middle of their territory. Huge pillars stand on either side of an enormous wooden door, which leads to two separate floors of books upon books. It is here that the ancient books of history is kept.

3 18 Aug 2 2016, 09:28 PM
In: Making my way down
By: Cole Harper
No New Posts The Ravine

A large crevice, separation of the trees, an endless black ditch. This is the great divider that protects those neutral members of Tyrgere. Without the skill of air or earth, making it across seems nearly impossible and so the Ravine has remained a skilled protection for its people.

0 0 --
In: ----
No New Posts The Hills

Round grasslands, rising out like peaceful homes, cover the vast majority of the realms. These rolling hills can go for miles without end until they reach the great base of the mountain range that stands like a jagged giant on the northern horizon.

Sub-boards: The Maze

Subforums: The Maze

12 136 Jul 14 2016, 11:31 PM
In: Opiate
By: Dagonet Marcianus
No New Posts Arbington

A meager couple of buildings stand in Arbington, and any non-Tyrgerian passerby may not even look twice at the wreckage, but to the Tyrgerians much lays below the surface. Hidden doors in hollowed trees and behind boulders lead to the underground Arbington, a series of tunnels connected to Ninvale by only one underground path, whose tunnels are marked by gems encrusted in the rock that seem to glow with their own light. Arbington’s tunnels offer a safe place for Tyrgerians in case of war, a place that has become a sacred secret for the kingdom.

1 0 Sep 29 2016, 03:57 PM
In: Let History Repeat
By: Jeremiah Menahem
No New Posts Airedale

The largest of Tyrgere’s ports, Airedale hosts a bustling town of ships, merchants and travelers who fill the town with a beautiful merging of culture. A thriving and wealthy place, Airedale is a gem of many for its commerce during the day but many more for its thriving nightlife where taverns, brothels and gamblers’ games fill the roads with a ferocious frenzy.

2 12 Apr 15 2016, 02:47 PM
In: Hunter or Hunted
By: Stephane Marcianus

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
No New Posts Vestius

A new establishment in the island of Ombra, this city could very nearly be considered an illusion. Enormous black walls, hundreds of feet high, gaze over the water that separates the island from the mainland. From afar, people have speculated that the walls are either made of obsidian, or the shadows of souls who lost their lives to the evil of Ombra.

Sub-boards: The Tower, The Temple

Subforums: The Tower, The Temple

12 79 Jul 9 2016, 07:15 PM
In: Drowning Lady Misery at the...
By: Zevriel Caldwell
No New Posts The Heartbeat

As one enters deep into the island, they being to hear strange noises. A soft beating, a distant thud like war drums and thunder, fading from soft to loud and back again. The sound will follow people, coming from the trees and the grounds and the river and the skies, and it is without a doubt an unmistakeably heartbeat. It is here that one will find their magic to be at its most powerful.

4 20 Aug 3 2017, 04:23 AM
In: Step by step instructions t...
By: EthanWilliam
No New Posts Volcanoes

Off the shore of Ombra's island, scattered miniature islands created by volcanoes scatter the tides. Some of these volcanoes are still active, but that doesn't stop the Ombra inhabitants from frequently visiting these hardened islands of molten lava.

0 0 --
In: ----
No New Posts Crag Rock

Crag Rock is an enormous plateau that juts out from the island. From the top one can see the volcano in the distance, as well as the islands many shores. It is rumored that there is a hot spring system that starts from the cliff face of Crag Rock that flows into the river systems of the heartbeat, but few know of this said location.

0 0 --
In: ----
No New Posts Foxfire Hollow

Home to Ombra’s were-shifters, Foxfire Hollow is the oldest village on Ombra. Constructed to be part of the very forest itself the village’s homes and shops are built into the trunks and canopies of immense Blackwood Oaks. A complex system of narrow streams flow through the trunks of the Blackwoods because of the many springs which come to a head in the Hollow, and because several of these are geothermically heated the village often appears to be shrouded in a veil of mist.

2 1 Apr 9 2016, 07:28 PM
In: Silence the Viper's Tongue
By: Asche Malakov
No New Posts Ashport

Originally a rogue outpost, Ashport has grown little since Ombra has become a formed kingdom. With only a large structure serving as shelter for passersby atop the hill and two other houses, there are rarely more than a dozen people passing through this town at a time. Despite its size, the town holds many eerie legends surrounding a rumored mass grave whose origin varies per storyteller, and many claim Ashport to be the site of necromancy and hauntings, driven on by the supposedly abandoned sister town of Iron Bridge just across the water.

1 2 Sep 30 2015, 01:18 PM
In: Sweeten the pot (and let me...
By: Severina Nicchi

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
No New Posts OOC Center
The main OOC center, including the conversation board and a sub-board to keep all of your graphics together. Here, members can get to know each other and talk about anything they wish, play random games, or make any announcements such as upcoming absences. Also, if you have a board you wish to have someone reply to, feel free to advertise it here to members to make your board known.

Subforums: Graphics Center, OTM Polls

62 343 Jul 16 2016, 02:59 PM
In: Dragon's Gifts
By: Mykola Dalco
No New Posts Archives
Completed threads and everything that has gone inactive will be placed in here. There is also a sub-board in the OOC Archives for character profiles, where characters who have died or gone inactive will be relocated.

Subforums: Caldo Archives, Aver Archives, Tyrgere Archives, Ombra Archives, Neutral Archives, OOC Archives

847 8841 Sep 16 2016, 06:44 PM
In: You Wouldn't Dare.
By: Halcyon Orsini
No New Posts Advertisements
Promote your site here. Guest Friendly. Password: ads

Subforums: Accepted Ads, Link Back

228 32 Oct 20 2017, 01:13 AM
In: Pern is Broken (Feral Drago...
By: ann44

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