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Site News
14 April 2018: Hey everyone! The activity check is over, and everything [face claim, member directory, kingdom counts, and kingdom rosters] have all been updated! Thanks so much for your participation! If one of your threads has been archived by mistake or if those who missed the activity check want to reactivate your characters, please PM the Cineri account!

7 April 2018: Hey everyone! There is one more week left to fill out the activity check (ends April 14th). Please make sure you post in it, as inactive characters will be inactivated, their threads will be archived, and their face claims will go back up for grabs! In more fun news, Cineri is also officially premium now! Adult content is now formally allowed, and say goodbye to ads! Special thanks to everyone who pitched in for the annual fee!

Plot Highlights
Cineri is back in business! Welcome back everyone, old and new!
To post in the Open Threads:
  • Use your character's full name as the username.
  • In the message box, post the link to your thread using [url=LINK]POST NAME HERE[/url].
  • You may repost an open thread once every two weeks if it has not been replied to in that span of time.

  • You may use this box to post a link to a plotting thread for your character.
  • The Open Threads cbox is not to be used for OOC chatting or advertisements.
Open Threads

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Welcome to Cineri

We are a medieval shifter site that welcomes members of all writing levels.

Six elements; four kingdoms. A series of wars have raged across the continent known as Eudocia, destroying towns and kingdom capitals alike. After the demi-god Sunil took over much of the inhabited world and used that power to ascend to the realm of the deities, the anarchy in his wake has left Eudocia exhausted. In the process of slowly rebuilding their kingdoms, citizens have begun to notice an increase of inexplicable disappearances and unnatural circumstances, and rumor has it that the other deities of old now roam the mortal plane, pushed out of their own realm by Sunil himself.

In this guidebook, you will find the rules and layout of Cineri's world. The foundational information that will help you get started can be accessed through the bolded links on the left side of this guidebook. Any additional information available can be accessed through the italic topic links and quick link buttons throughout, but reading these are not necessary to join.

The Rules

  • Register with the name of your character, first and last name.
  • Be polite and respectful to everyone.
  • Mature themes are allowed but please tag your mature threads with [M].
  • Each player is allowed to have two characters immediately. If you wish to join more characters after the first two, each of your characters must first have 25 posts each.
  • There is a two week limit on character applications. If your application is not finished two weeks from when it was first posted, it will be automatically deleted. This rule also goes for characters whose apps are completed but people are waiting to get their post counts up.
  • If you fail to post in an activity check your account will automatically be moved to inactive. Your face claim will go up for grabs, and your rank will be removed. If you come back and wish to continue playing you will have to contact one of the staff members to have your characters reactivated.
  • Our post minimum is 100 words.
  • Powerplay is only allowed with specific permission of the other person you are rping with. Godmoding is not allowed. Perfect characters are also not allowed, everyone has flaws, and no one is undefeatable.
  • You must post at least once every two weeks to be considered an active player on Cineri. If you fail to do that you will be moved to inactive and any ranks you hold will be subject to demotion.

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