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 Plot with Magpie!, plots and adoptables
Carmen Valko
 Posted: Apr 15 2018, 03:34 AM

earth & fire
Age: 21
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Posts: 38
OOC: Magpie

Come plot with me! I'm up for just about anything, but feel free to peruse for ideas (:
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Currently Carmen lives in Tyrgere, helping her family run the orphanage there. She will likely travel a fair amount as well, mainly for trading but also for adventuring purposes. Though she isn't naive, she's got a sense of optimism that could get her into a fair bit of trouble in the world.

plot potential:
-her twin brother: they've never met, so he's actually a bit of a blank slate right now. He was kidnapped by slavers as a toddler, but he could have been rescued from that if you'd like! His elements can be any combination of Earth, Fire & Water. The only requirement I have is red eyes, even if he doesn't end up wielding fire.

-childhood friends: these can be characters that already exist, or new ones created for this purpose. They would have had to be in Tyrgere for most of their childhood, but otherwise this is wide open. Obviously, this generation grew up in a war-torn Tyrgere, so they would have navigated that together.

-new friends: it takes Carmen a while to warm up to people, but she is very friendly even when she's wary. Would love to get her out there meeting people

-other: seriously, throw anything at her. I'm open to whatever, whether a friendship or something more dangerous in her life.

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An Averian warrior and second-born of a noble family. Desmond's last name is well-known and respected in Aver, and his family is rebuilding after the war. He has done well for himself in the military and the only reason he is merely a warrior is so he can leave as his sister's body guard when she travels. He is super devoted to his family and people, but not an easy shell to crack.

plot potential:
-siblings: Olly still has other Caomhánach siblings up for adoption, go check it out! - adoption page

-friends: Desmond doesn't make friends easy, but he is extremely loyal to those who do befriend him. Must be able to put up with his stoic nature and general preference to observe rather than interact.

-fellow warriors: he's been in the army for half his life, so he could use some comrades. This can either be people he looks up to, younger warriors he's trained, or those he grew up training with.

-romance: there are certain expectations set for Desmond, being a noble from a pure ice bloodline. I would love to explore a romance, especially with a woman of another element.

-other: as with Carmen, I'm open for just about anything!

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God of the sea and stars, philosophy and future, Zematri is always in pursuit of knowledge. Since being cast down to the earth by Sunil, he has spent most of his time at sea. He loves being around mortals, observing them and interacting with them. He does long to be reunited with his wife, but in the meantime is happy to interact with all who come across his path.

plot potential:
-friends: Zematri is an easygoing god, and is likely to make friends with humans. Though he doesn't tend to stay in one place for long, he is happy to have companions. They just have to deal with the fact that he knows the future but doesn't often divulge it ;P

-worshipers: I honestly am not sure how an interaction between Zematri and one who worships him would go. He has a deep affection for water types, so it would be a good one, but I would love to see exactly what direction it goes.

-enemies: The only thing that really riles up this god is when his siblings or wife are spoken ill of. It would be interesting to see this sort of interaction play out, as I would love to investigate his anger

-other: throw anything and anyone at him! I'm happy to see where things go, whether a single thread or a long-term plot :3

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