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 We’re growing feathers, now we’re letting go, [P] Jer & Orin
Orin Misariel
 Posted: Jun 10 2018, 09:49 AM

Age: 18
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Tactile Sight

Posts: 16
OOC: Tink

Orin Cineri:
Orin had heard the bit of commotion, as he'd spoken, and it confused him to no end. In part, it made him wonder if his condition were more serious than he even had suspected. However... when Mr. Menahem spoke... he seemed rather strained. And there was a hint of amusement in his tone.

When one relied on their ears for just about all signals, when dealing with people, these subtle nuances were akin to beacons, in gauging the temperament of the one you spoke with.

At first, Orin was visibly relieved to hear that he was not ill. That what had transpired was normal. The boy's thin frame sagged with the sigh of relief that escaped his lips, and he even closed his eyes a moment.


When Mr. Menahem went on to explain what had happened, Orin's eyes snapped open, and his pale face flushed crimson. Dear gods, this was... humiliating! Mortification was plain as day, on the boy's face, and a strangled sort of whimper got caught in his throat. This was not the sort of thing that was polite to discuss at the breakfast table! And it was all Orin's fault!

How could he have been such a dunce??? But no one had explained these things to him, before...

Cole made no comments, other than to dismiss the topic entirely, and encourage them to eat swiftly. However, Orin couldn't bring himself to do so. Meekly, he nudged his plate a bit further away, and just let his head hang in shame. Even his little ears were scarlet. "Please forgive me." he whispered, tone fragile. "I didn't... I... M-maybe I sh-shouldn't go."

The poor thing swallowed hard, the areas around his nose and eyes tingling painfully, and he tried to square his shoulders, but they coudln't quite manage it with as much as he just wanted to curl in on himself. "I am beginning to see why I was hidden away. And sold. I'm not fit for polite company. M-maybe you ought to see about getting your coin back, Mr. Harper..." The very idea was terrifying, but Orin would be surprised if the thought hadn't already crossed the gentleman's mind, at this point.

Jeremiah Menahem Cole Harper
Jeremiah Menahem
 Posted: Jun 26 2018, 08:30 AM

Age: 42
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Posts: 114
OOC: Thistlefoot

The awkward tension in the cozy little room was palpable. Jer thought he could almost taste it in the air, a certain thickness, a scent just on the edge of perceptible. It was as if someone was steaming oysters two rooms over, that kind of humectant salty reserve.

Certainly, a glance at both Cole and Orin's faces indicated that one could quite likely have cooked oysters on either of them. Both were varying shades of pink, with Orin's normally pale skin glowing a vibrant red that seemed just shy of setting his hair on fire. Cole made a valiant, if stilted, attempt to derail the conversation and redirect it, clutching at a pale shadow of the grace and elan Jer had witnessed over the years--but the youth was not quite ready to move on.

"M-maybe you ought to see about getting your coin back, Mr. Harper..."

Jer let out a gust of a sigh, followed by a silent wince. Any pretense at eating or drinking was thoroughly abandoned, though he'd tucked in with such gusto at the start of the morning that there was little left on his plate to toy with in the first place. Getting up and walking down the stairs with a light heart and pleasantly weary body already felt like it was a week ago. The events of the night before felt as if they were from another lifetime, if one with reverberating repercussions.

He sought out Cole's eyes once more, holding them as he spoke, watching carefully for signs that he was speaking out of turn--but he couldn't imagine this man, who he knew better than anyone else in this world, choosing the other option.

"If social faux pas were sufficient to disqualify one from this journey, we'd all have been eliminated quite some time ago."

His fingers reached out for the cup, then faltered and did a nervous dying dance on the table. Surprisingly, his voice came out sounding relatively crisp and confident.

"And if you think Cole would sell anyone back into slavery, you really don't know him at all. Though I admit I am an unknown quantity to you." The joking smile that twisted his face at that last line came through clearly in his tones. "But I'd like to think I'd get the benefit of the doubt."

image by Venny, code by Ryne
Cole Harper
 Posted: Jul 5 2018, 07:21 AM

Air & Lightning
Age: 44
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Posts: 157
OOC: Olly

In his very best efforts to steer the conversation away from creating any further humiliation at the breakfast table, Cole apparently had only succeeded in a minor break in words with the scraping of eating utensils dutifully creating piles of food before the topic steered to one altogether darker and defeated. Even behind his own flush and obvious desperation to speak of other things, Cole’s eyes leveled on Orin across from him and held a certain sadness to them. What sort of young man would firstly be so oblivious to his own existence and then fear such severe repercussions for simply being human?

He had taken some time to absorb those sinister undertones as a last-ditch effort to leave the previous discussion behind, and in doing so quite forgot to actually reply to the ward. It was Jer who answered yet again, with a brevity only he could ever master, and this time the ambassador’s gaze met the one searching for his. He managed a small smile, a sound that might have been an attempt at a lighthearted laugh, and then forced a forkful of food into his mouth to silence the strangled noise.

“Jer and I worked for some time in an effort to abolish slavery, back in our glory days.” He finally spoke once he’d taken the time to chew, contemplate, and swallow. “No one should have to endure a life without freedom, no matter how little they know of the world in the present moment.” This time when he leveled his eyes back on the Averian, they managed not to quaver and shy away. “Soon you’ll see just how little we know of the world ourselves, out there in the wilderness.” Cole finally laughed a real laugh, soft and musical, then diverted the conversation yet again. “If we ever make it out to the wilderness from this house.”

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