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 Like Sands Through The Hourglass
Callum Montego
 Posted: May 15 2018, 11:01 AM

Fire & Lightning
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Wings of Fire

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OOC: Whisper

Callum stared at the monkey and he wasn't the least bit thrilled. "Don't you even think of it." He wagged a finger at the monkey and narrowed his eyes. "This ship belongs to me and it's going to stay that way." He had no powers against this god but he had worked hard to get a ship and he wasn't about to leave it to a monkey woman! What a fine mess he had gotten himself into this time. He had said far too much and now the monkey was attached to him and wasn't going to leave him alone or his ship. The crew had run off and he wondered if they might return upon finding their guts but that wasn't likely with the monkey still on board. "Alright then. Where to?" The crew had stopped there for a reason but things had taken a turn.

It wouldn't be the easiest thing to do but he figured that he could man the ship alone. Unless the monkey wanted to lean a hand. "You're some kind of powerful being right? Know anything about ships?" Callum didn't expect to get anything useful here but since they were alone on the ship and he couldn't leave it alone with the wicked monkey he decided to make the best of a horrible day.
 Posted: May 20 2018, 07:07 AM

Age: Ageless
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OOC: Olly

From this position hanging upside-down above Callum, he seemed so very small. It briefly reminded her of the distant past when all the mortals of this realm carried on about their lives with herself and the other gods going about their own realities in some far away dimension. They had bent so easily to their whims from so far away, and now that she was only a matter of a few very physical feet away from one, he utterly crumpled and bent to her wishes. It was delicious, experiencing it from so close.

“Do not mind me. Carry on with your original plans.” she answered, her golden tail flicking out and curling lackadaisically around one of the shroud ropes. “But you will want to find a new crew. I am no grunt.” The mere suggestion of his that she would assist him in wielding the ship was a humorous one, despite her absolute capabilities of doing so. As if to prove a point, she climbed a few feet higher up the ship ropes so he could not reach her even if he leapt for her, and she eyed him from this higher point. “So what is the plan, my seafarer?”

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