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 Carmen Valko
Carmen Valko
 Posted: Jan 23 2015, 01:12 PM

earth & fire
Age: 21
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Posts: 38
OOC: Magpie

carmen valko
21 years
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Wolf Appearance
Human Appearance
Though of average height, Carmen's slim frame and long legs often cause her to appear taller than she is. She isn't the most commanding presence, but she also isn't an invisible one. She carries herself with confidence and moves with grace, without seeming overpowering.

Her hair is long and brown, and often in a braid down her back. Her skin is smooth and fair, with a complexion that could be described as porcelain. A couple distinct scars are on her arm, from when she once got severely bit by a shifter in wolf form. Carmen's eyes are a forest green, reflecting one of her two elements.

Shailene Woodley
- play-by -
Carmen has an optimistic nature when it comes to both situations and people. She tries her hardest to see the bright side of things, even when a situation seems bleak. This isn't to say she's unrealistic, however, and she can acknowledge when things are bad. She doesn't allow herself to think everything will always work out fine, there is just an inherent ability to see the slightly less bleak side of things. When it comes to people, Carmen believes the best of just about everyone she meets. She knows there are bad people in the world, however she prefers to give everyone equal opportunity to show their true colours before passing judgment.

Despite being a friendly individual, the young woman has a hard time trusting others. She is quick to greet strangers with a smile and engage in conversation, but much slower to really develop relationships with others. Even as friendships grow, she tends to keep people at an arm's length until she is certain she can trust them. Unfortunately this can sometimes lead to a feeling of guilt, as she often knows a lot more about her friends than they may ever know about her.

Carmen loves learning, and this often manifests in her being very inquisitive. Whether it's asking travelers about from where they've come, or trying to learn about others' professions, she rarely runs out of questions to ask. Through her childhood she read as much as she could, and that has carried into her adult life. While she isn't finding every excuse to read anymore, she will never turn down the opportunity to sit with a book for a little while, especially if it also contains new things to read about. Stories aren't so much up her alley as history and information texts.

Earth & Fire
Secondary Power
Carmen's life started in bleak circumstances. Born to a prisoner, she was taken from her mother's arms within hours of her birth and placed into the arms of another. This woman, Zari, became the only woman she would ever call "mom," and she grew up blissfully unaware of her dark beginnings. The child grew up with two older sisters, both of whom had also been adopted, and a younger brother who was born to her adoptive parents. It was a busy family, but life was good and Carmen wouldn't have it any other way.

She was too young to understand war when it started, but she did understand that everything was changing. Her family went into hiding, and her father left to fight. Carmen and her siblings grew exceptionally close in these years, looking out for one another as war raged in Eudocia. Zari would often leave to do duties as a healer, and often returned with orphans she was taking in. Their little family was growing, and Carmen grew up with a host of other children in her midst. They all leaned heavily on one another, building bonds that would last a lifetime.

Carmen grew particularly close with one of the boys, Kleetus. He was a year older than her and they developed a really deep friendship over the years. Once the war ended it only seemed natural to develop a romantic relationship. It had come out over the years that Carmen was adopted, and once everything settled down slightly, Kleetus suggested the two of them try to track down her biological parents. She was initially apprehensive, but eventually agreed. They got married before leaving and then set off on their search.

The search took them beyond the borders of Eudocia, and they spent countless months chasing trails that seemed to be leading nowhere at times. They eventually tracked down her birth mother, leading to Carmen realizing she should have just left well enough alone. She and Kleetus were going to travel the world together, but a fight leading to divorce left Carmen just wanting to go home. And so she has, returning to Eudocia after her two year adventure.

- ooc name -
discord (jess#4173)
- contacts -
 Posted: Apr 14 2018, 10:37 PM

Age: 23
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All the Powers

Posts: 135
OOC: Olly & Laura

Please do not forget to post in the FACE CLAIM to reserve your play-by.
And be sure to update your character list in the MEMBER DIRECTORY.
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