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 no friend as loyal, Spooty
Carmen Valko
 Posted: Apr 15 2018, 07:29 PM

earth & fire
Age: 21
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OOC: Magpie

It was hard to believe some people couldn't stand the rain. The way the drops tickled her nose, the smell of the freshly soaked forest, the sound of the downpour breaking through the canopy of trees... Carmen found all of it soothing. It was especially so in her lupine form, when sounds and smells were amplified. She had planned on heading to the marble library regardless today, and the rain had only solidified that decision. Her family had urged her to stay until the weather was nicer, but she was never one to pass up a run simply because she might get a little wet.

Or drenched, as the day would have it. Still Carmen had run, her footing sure despite the sopping ground beneath her paws. By the time she reached the library, the downpour had ebbed, leaving only a light drizzle. She shook her fur out before shifting to human form and walking through the doors. Once inside, she took a moment to braid her still-soaking hair before wandering. What a relief this place had been so fiercely guarded during the war. Carmen hadn't had much opportunity to visit the library before the war, and only one or two before she had departed on her travels.

While away, she had heard of a plant with unusual healing properties. Having never heard of it before, she was curious if there were any writings on it and figured that the marble library would be as good a place as any to look. The only problem was she wasn't entirely sure where to start, so she instead started with seeing if she could find someone to help her. Rounding a corner, she was pleasantly surprised to find a familiar face. "Hypatia," she greeted with a bright smile. It's so good to see you." It had been too long since she had seen the older woman, and she was grateful to have run into her.

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