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 Scroll Stroll, All Welcomed
Jasper Blackthorn
 Posted: Jun 28 2018, 09:38 PM

Lightning & Ice
Age: 18
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Shape shifting

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OOC: Haz

Jasper strolled along a full shelf humming, the sound echoing in what he thought were empty halls. He doubted anyone would care as there was, no one to care. He had recently flow over to this land with the wings of an albatross but upon landing, he had found himself quite bored. So as was his usual solution to such a state he decided to put on a new costume. This of a beautiful woman with the brightest hair he could imagine. The shade he had only ever seen on that of dresses, now flowed down his head, mingling with his dark skin. And yet even with that, he decided to add a bit more to draw even more eyes. From a vendor he bought a tight fit outfit that could only be described as scandalous, showing off every curve of the body. And then, just for a special touch had tattooed the shoulders with sprawling white designs. A simple artists touch, and he did love to consider himself an artist of sorts.

Having been finished he had glided around the towns for a while, always enjoying the shocked expressions he received. Oh, how he loved the stares he got. After all, he was beautiful in this form anyone would stare. But sadly as it always went, he grew bored and decided to move on. And he decided this consisted of something new, the library. The famed library drew his attention and after talking to some rather intrested men, he had received its precise location.

And so now Jasper was here and walking along the shelves, occasionally running his fingers over the tattered backs. It was quite the sight to behold. Never had he seen so many books in one place, dwarfing his families large collection. The mere size made him borderline overwhelmed with what to do with the new source. He doubted he would be able to actually find a thing in here and walked waiting for something to jump out. Until then he went on strolling around and humming, enjoying the soft vocals that were so unlike his original forms’.

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