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 From the Ashes, [P] Ulysses
Anastasia Terrazzo
 Posted: Feb 9 2015, 01:17 PM

Age: 23 Years
Group Icon
Head Adviser
Midas Touch

Posts: 14
OOC: Jester

Head Advisor Murdock,

My name is Anastasia Terrazzo, Head Advisor of Tyrgere. It is unfortunate that we have not had a chance prior to meet and speak and if it were possible, I would have preferred to confess what I must in person but such is a leisure that our Kingdom cannot afford and so, if you will excuse my blight.

As I am sure you have heard, the Kingdom of Tygere has suffered a great loss in the absence of Her Grace, Erin, and in our time of fragility and disorder, we must rebuff as soon as we can afford. The reason I write to you is to seek the support of yourself and Queen Nerissa. We do not seek military arms nor do we seek economic means, we simply ask that Aver demonstrate some form of support to our people to boost their morale and to let them know that we are not lost.

The loss of our queen is not one that can be taken lightly and we must act upon countermeasures immediately. If what I ask is too much to fulfill then at the very least, I hope that you may consider this letter as the beginnings of a future bond to be nurtured between two kingdoms.

Anastasia Terrazzo
Head Advisor of Tyrgere

Ulysses Murdock
 Posted: Feb 9 2015, 01:23 PM

Age: 36
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Head Advisor

Posts: 48
OOC: Spotty

Madam Excellency,

I offer my sincerest condolences on the departure of Her Grace - though I must confess many do not know the circumstances behind her absence, including myself. Various rumors and speculations have been spoken of in hushed whispers by foreign diplomats around court; though I quickly make it my aim to suppress the idle prattle as well as the more venomous slander.

As a gentleman and scholar I dare not let what preposterous fallacies I hear pass my lips to feed the beast, nor shall I subject you to such rumor. Though I do ask of you humbly, if there is any information you can share with me on the matter, please do so with haste, for silence only allows doubt and speculation to grow in rapid fashion much like mold to bread, and court is a place vermin thrive on the tiniest of crumbs.

I do know however, Her Majesty Queen Nerissa expressed a great fondness in getting to know the younger Queen and offer counsel if need be. It is within my own opinion that this amiability still stands between both our kingdoms. With this in mind, I am at your disposal Lady Terrazzo for any matter you seem fit that will bolster the friendship between the great Aver and Tyrgere. Is there anything specific you had in mind that I might take up with Her Majesty? Or shall we sort out the details through our correspondence?

May the gods light your path,

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