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 Bran Kendrick, TW: Homophobia, Exile
Bran Kendrick
 Posted: Mar 11 2018, 06:39 PM

Age: 21
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Bran Kendrick
- Age -
- loyalty -
- Occupation -
- gender -
Wolf Appearance
Human Appearance

Bran dresses simply, for the most part. His tunic is a simple blue, his breeches a light grey. His boots are made of leather and lined with fur. His cloak is the one fancy thing he wears - it is a thick, wolf skin cloak, given to him by Gareth on his wedding day. His hair is a bright red, it curls all around his head and hangs down to above his shoulders. He is a well-built man at 200 pounds of solid muscle, and he stands tall at 6’2”.

Viking Warrior by Severeene, photoshopped by a user on discord(forgetting exact username at the moment)
- play-by -

Bran is quick to offer smiles and a firm handshake. He is slow to argue but is passionate when he does. He believes himself to be a brave young man, and is quick to jump in to defend other people. However, he has no respect for traitors seeing as it was his family who betrayed him.

He is a quite friendly man and is quite welcoming to most people. He tries to be as helpful as he can to people, and enjoys talking about his experiences as a knight. He is incredibly loyal to the people around him, especially to his elders, even when he disagrees with them.

He is openly proud of his relationship with his newlywed husband Gareth. He doesn't care what anybody has to say about it if it involves condemning him - he is happy with his husband and is not afraid to show his happiness and affection in public.

Secondary Power
He has the ability to heal minor wounds without needing to see a healer.

Sir Bran Morley was born the third son of a minor lord, Thomas Morley and his wife Jane, in a small city in another land. His childhood, while peaceful, wasn’t exactly what he wanted - he didn’t want to spend all his time in the classroom learning about history and politics. Instead, he wanted to ride out with the other knights who served his father and spar with them, as well as run around and play with the other children. For the time, it was peaceful.

When Bran turned 19, there was a tourney held at their keep for Thomas’s 70th birthday, and a young knight would show up for the tourney. His name was Gareth Kendrick. Amongst the song of steel clashing and hooves crashing against the ground, Bran fell for the broad-shouldered, tall, blonde-haired man. Much to his surprise and enjoyment, Gareth returned his affections as well.

However, his conservative father soon caught word of what had happened between the two men. While he wasn't the heir, having a gay son was seen as an omen of bad luck in the land, and so Bran was exiled. Gareth, not wanting to be left alone, followed Bran to the new world. The two arrived at Aver, getting married as soon as they could, and now they eventually want a family.

- ooc name -
Discord - ThatGuy#2029, on forum
- contacts -
 Posted: Mar 11 2018, 09:42 PM

Age: 23
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All the Powers

Posts: 135
OOC: Olly & Laura

Please do not forget to post in the FACE CLAIM to reserve your play-by.
And be sure to update your character list in the MEMBER DIRECTORY.
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