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 What Wonder is This?, (AW)
 Posted: Apr 15 2018, 01:33 PM

Age: Ageless (appears 8-9)
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OOC: Jenn

The slender silver and white wolf trotted up to what had been mere remnants for so very long. With the return of the gods to the lands the ancient ruins had been returned to their former glory. She could scent no one around, which saddened her greatly. For too long the site had been ignored, fallen into obscurity and now with it's instantaneous resurrection too many shifters were distrustful of what they could not easily explain. As if the gifts that she and her father had given them were not enough to make them accepting of the mystical.

She padded up the steps and lifted her head, eyeing the door with an amused chuff. Her wolf form was great for traveling long distances tirelessly but far from useful with doors and man-made things. With barely a thought a young girl-child stood where the fluffy wolf had just a moment before, pale silvery hair falling in waves over her narrow shoulders and white dress gleaming in the sunlight. Mia wiggled her bare toes. Even after a bit of time back in the realm of the mortal she marveled at the sensations that were there to experience. The simple act of feeling the cool stone against pristine skin brought her an odd joy.

Distracted from her original intent to enter the building by a sound she turned her head, tipping it slightly in curiosity as her mystical silvery eyes scanned the wilderness around her.

 Posted: May 11 2018, 06:13 PM

Age: N/A
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The blazing sun of Caldo was at his back as smoke-covered bear paws strode over the loose sands. His claws glinted silver in the sunlight where it caught them, but Jas travelled alone and peacefully away from the city. He had shifted when he had found himself alone, and now any being who might have seen him would undoubtedly turn on their heels and find a quieter spot to wait for the beasts passing.

Underneath the smoke fur, flames crackled and burned, and he found the need to escape Caldo burning in his chest. He’d sat still for too long, found himself sleeping more often than not in Nathaniel when it was not time. There were things to be done, wars to be started, cities to be conquered and overrun, and he had thought best to set out and catch his first glance of what remained of the kingdoms. The desert faded to the Maple Valley, the trees standing tall above him with their fiery boughs, then to swamp, and finally to peaceful forest. There was a certain easiness found here, and it was only a matter of time before Jas found himself drawn to an inexplicable beacon.

It pulled him from his travel and brought him through winding and twisting paths. The rocks slowly became boulders until he found himself at the formations. His great paws pushed down smaller trees as his shoulders pushed through bushes and thick foliage, now in bloom with the oncoming spring, and at once he understood why he had been drawn here. The Formations had always been a place of wonder and power for the humans, but the small white figure standing on the stones was what made him pause. He chuffed and licked his jowls, before slowly transitioning from bear-like beast to man. ”Mia,” he did not hide the soft smile that filtered over his features as he drew closer. ”I felt something, but I did not expect to find another one of our kind so readily. I thought it had been the stones,” as he spoke, he ran his fingertips over the weather worn stone absentmindedly, and cast his tall gaze down to the god-child beside him.
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