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 Kovarrubius Shyruke
Kovarrubius Shyruke
 Posted: May 11 2018, 02:31 AM

Air & Fire
Age: 26
Group Icon

Posts: 52
OOC: Kovar

Kovarrubius Shyruke-Reinier
26 year
- Age -
- kingdom -
- Occupation -
- gender -
Wolf Appearance
A cinnabar, willowy figure bounds gracefully over the rocky terrain on stilt-like limbs. Splashes of white defining ears, throat, and chest. It pauses briefly to survey the world with a sharp gaze of lavender that peers over a slender maw. Despite a height of 64cm and weighing 33 lbs, he stands steady with an air of self-assurance. Taking notice of you, his hackles begin to prickle but quickly lay flat again. Whether he has dismissed you as a possible threat or is simply eager to be on his way, it is hard to discern. Before you can take action, the wolf continues on; a fluffy white and black tipped tail vanishing from your line of vision.

Wolf Breed: Ethiopian Wolf
Human Appearance
Lavender eyes analyze the world from behind a rippling curtain of flames. High cheek bones are speckled lightly with freckles, giving further contrast to cream toned skin. The gentle slope to full lips offering the hint of a playful smile on his clean kept canvas. If not for his contemplative gaze and concave posture, you may even have felt welcomed to join him.

Having noticed your lingering stare, the young man rises fluidly to his full height of 5'8". His strides are certain, graceful even, as he nearly dances through the crowd taking the path of least resistance. Toned muscles peek from his loosely worn tunic as he hoists up a large leather sack near the door and departs.

Kovar favors simple, loose clothing of dark colors with splashes of vibrant red or cream. There is always a simple locket hanging around his neck and around his left wrist a leather bracelet with small bones and vertebrae woven into place.

Leather pouches of varying size are often on or near his person when he is in cities. If one peeked within, they would find the skeletal remains of animals - some with blades or metal spikes secured here and there. For weapons, he keeps a simple hunting knife with a bone handle and a sturdy longbow also featuring tassels with bones.
Bartek Borowiec
- play-by -
Honest, self-disciplined, if not a little unsociable and snarky – Kovar favors the use of observation to keep connected with the world and as a means of learning new skills. Present enough to be noticed and perhaps have questions answered, but never the center of attention or someone you would try to keep around after the crowd thin. As needed, he will skillfully play any role for the sake of survival or bettering his chances at gain.

When his guard is down, or his distrust edges away from the line of paranoia, Kovar can be chatty and highly competitive. It quickly becomes apparent that he lives by simple, almost childish, ideas. Work hard, be honest, do not harm others unnecessarily, be loyal, do not take more than you need. These have made him into a generous person, but he can't have people know it. He would hate to disappoint them if they got to close. Fearing the inevitable betrayal and anguish friendship can bring.

More so, he fears confirmation that he is a monster; his own thoughts echoed back at him. To keep that distance Kovar speaks of unflattering qualities others have as much as he does respectable traits. A slip of a snide comment and going more with his own simplified idea on how one should or should not act to be true to himself, rather than conforming to social etiquette and expectations. Honesty to others, honesty to the self - it makes a lovable person insufferable. It is enough to sate his needs for human interactions before he returns to a more isolated life surrounded by skeletal companions and rotting flesh. Not that he minds solitude. Being alone is easy, the convoluted rules rules are simplified. Eat, find shelter, hone a skill - a simple life, for a simple man.
Secondary Power
Kovar reminisces very little on his first year of life. Experience and gained insight would too easily destroy his delusions of an ever supportive mother that only practiced 'tough love' to better prepare her offspring. It would shred fanciful images of clouds rolling by on winds filled with songs and stories to reveal a deep lake of anguish, fear, and loneliness; a greedy child so hungry for security and love, but made too wary of the larger world, that longings shaped a secondary that would ever test its perspective of the boundaries of good and evil.

To accept that darker truth would destroy him. And so, Kovar glances back with a child's optimism on the songs and lesson, on the cloud that was his mother and the fire that freed her spirit to play in the far-reaching sky the day Bear took him in. And though he goes back to that spot on occasion, the only things he carries from that time is a locket with a tuft of his mother's golden locks and his childhood companion hat whispers between his ears.

By the time Bear introduced him to the caravan, the pup already considered himself an adult. Children his age were too loud and lacked any instinct for survival. They had little to share, and what they knew more of, they couldn't explain to his satisfaction. Rare few were worth his patience. And being ever vigilant and wary of the intentions of others, yet simple and honest by nature, adults often mistook the child of being shy and were happy to let him observe them until he warmed up enough to ask about what they were doing. He learned quickly, both on how to stay in any one's good grace and to anticipate their needs; all to keep his appetite for knowledge sated. It was a cornerstone in his mother's philosophy for survival, after all.

He knew the warmth and unconditional love of family. Blunt honesty and rules paired with trust and freedom paired beautifully with his need for socialization and eagerness to explore unknown forests and tundra. But he smelled smoke and his eyes darted about in search for the hot ember. He had questions, a moral compass that kept spinning between the hands of Justification and Their Fear. Unable to ask for help, Kovar ran from his cozy life where he felt obliged to hide the part of him that made others uncomfortable.

As quickly as he found 'home' it faded under the waves of a rash decision. For nearly taking the life of a man, and quickly learning to respect the crackle of lightning, the youth accepted his sentence of servitude with just enough huff to shelter his own ego.

Due to the circumstance of his arrival at Floki's stables or the heavy distrust and fast tempers of Caldo's people, Kovar found himself surrounded by animosity. After establishing that he wasn't easy prey for bullies, even if it created fear, Kovar was happy to do his work diligently and be ignored when he had a moment to relax. As the war became a more present threat in their daily lives, the youth thought only once of returning to Bear and his family. He still had a debt to pay, and not all of his peers were able to defend themselves when they wandered too far from the stables.

After Caldo fell to Sunil, he stayed where he was, quietly going about his work and protecting those he worked with. It was favorable to avoid learning of the fates of those he called friend or family after seeing the madman he looked up to changed by grief. At least by staying, he could keep an eye on a friend who's heart he knew beat. And when his mentor decided it was time to leave, Kovar was quick to turn down a promising title and career path. He longed for the open roads and the rush that came when surviving day to day was not guaranteed.
- ooc name -
- contacts -
 Posted: May 13 2018, 08:42 PM

Age: 23
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All the Powers

Posts: 135
OOC: Olly & Laura

Please do not forget to post in the FACE CLAIM to reserve your play-by.
And be sure to update your character list in the MEMBER DIRECTORY.
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