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 Jasper Blackthorn
Jasper Blackthorn
 Posted: Jun 27 2018, 11:56 PM

Lightning & Ice
Age: 18
Group Icon
Shape shifting

Posts: 1
OOC: Haz

Jasper Blackthorn
- Age -
- loyalty -
- Occupation -
- gender -
Wolf Appearance
Human Appearance
Jasper often isn’t in his own skin, having a large arrangement of people he’d rather be. However, his original appearance is much like that as the rest of his family. He has a caramel complexion as if having been in the sun for hours. Upon his head, sets dark glossy hair that is wavy if not a bit curly. Due to his ability to change his appearance, he sees no need to cut it and lets it grow long. When for whatever reason in his real form he usually ties it into a bun to keep it out of his face. In the same regard, he doesn’t bother much with shaving though does occasionally trim his mustache. His eyes are that of his families, a deep blue flecked with gold. Surrounded by dark lashes that seem to be what most ladies strive for.

Jaspers original form is pretty slim overall, with a slender build. Not truly strong or really toned, he relies more on creating muscle through his powers then working out. He is an average height though due to his slenderness is usually seen as shorter. His chest swoops to a rather small waist, giving him a more feminine build.

All these features are usually distorted and destroyed with the looks he wears as easily as clothes. However, the one thing that stays the same the whole time is a small silver hoop cartilage piercing on his right ear. He doesn’t bother taking it out between forms, even when in those of animals.

Avan Jogia
- play-by -
Jasper has a deep recklessness set in the fact he doesn’t ever fear a consequence. It’s hard for him to fathom an actual punishment as he feels he could get out of any situation he may need. Why worry about such things when he could simply turn into a bird and fly away? A man of a million faces he isn’t shy to use them. Rooted in his own self-consciousness and fear he almost never uses his real form. Instead of choosing to be the peak of beauty in all forms. He switches easily between all genders, not really caring to see the differences. As goes the same for his delighted with others. He highly values the beauty of any kind, no matter what the gender.

For most of his childhood, he was forced upon a strict schedule, a way of living and goals. Now away from such misery, he is free to be himself. Or rather be anyone but himself. Without his face, he feels the freedom to be able to do anything he wants without it reflecting upon his family's name. And though he often changes to avoid it, he still does highly prize both his family and their name. Though blood isn’t always the only thing he considers family, close friends have a good opportunity to have the same level of importance.

Jasper tends to have quite fun creating new personalities and histories for his characters. It’s more of a game than anything. And he loves having multiple games going at the same time. Causing drama in different forms gives entertainment and distraction from the realities of his life. His real life is his inability to cope with all the family he’s lost, his spiraling behavior, alcoholism and his own inadequacies.

Ice and Lightning
Secondary Power
Shape shifting
The Blackthorn family can be traced back for generations into both the ice and lightning lines. The two powers came together with the union of Alaric and Basilia. An arranged match between the second children of individual families, it was a match made in heaven. Alaric’s powers were exceptional, lightning seeming to be almost ingrained in his personality. Light and energetic, he was quick to laugh and quick to fight. Basilia was cooler, a master of her magic and not afraid to use it. Though her gaze was just as strong for freezing people where they stood.

She was strong where Alaric was weak, being a voice of reason and a strong point. He was strong where she was strong a friendly voice where she was harsh. The two prospered and quickly advanced there places, an unstoppable force. They became a head in society though it seemed many disapproved of their genetic mixing and eventually they made the move to Ombra. There they built the Blackthorn mansion to be the center for their line.

The family was never far from their mind either. At the time if their move, Basilia was already pregnant with their first child, Donatello. And with the first part of the mansion built he was born in the house, starting a tradition held till modern day. All children of the Blackthorn name have been born within the mansion walls. Even as a toddler, Donatello soon showed signs of having both his parents gifts.

Fiona was born as the conflict outside of Ombra increased. Alaric and Basilia decided it best to stay out of such a conflict and focus simply on their own standing. Nothing seemed to impact them outside of the obsidian walls of the mansion. Soon enough the identical twins Fiona and Ophelia were born. Both possessing the traits of ice and lightning. It was soon realized that they also had the power to communicate with each other, as well as feel each other's pain.

As Sunil started his descent into power the youngest child, Godric was born. He too held the powers of lightning and ice seeming to complete the next generation of the family. The children grew up mainly secluded from the areas of danger. Though when it was safe to travel outside their home they were unrelenting. All became machines in the ways of politics and formalities. The best education was provided, both Alaric and Basilia wanting to make their children the best. Throughout the conflicts, the family stayed mainly neutral. Instead of picking a side they focused on Ombra. Though it became harder and harder as the lands feel against each other. Both Alaric and Basilia had families and friends back in their home realms. And yet they decided for the best not to do a thing, instead slowly isolating themselves in the mansion.

The parents plan backfired once Donatello became of age. Unaware of their sons brewing thoughts they were astounded with his announcement of joining the wars cause. Both argue fiercely against their son doing anything of the sort, convincing him out of such a reckless endeavor. Bringing up his responsibility to both their family and his rank he was subdued. And though he backed down from becoming a soldier the fire didn’t die. He became a fierce political figure, shoving their family back into the spotlight of Ombra’s stage. Very different from the quiet but powerful reputation they had held for years.

And with this new reputation came the involvement of the other children. All were growing up, more and more they were splitting into their separate paths. Donatello started to become a fierce politician, respected and feared by his peers. Not afraid to bribe and blackmail for what he wanted. Fiona and Ophelia went down a different path, that of warriors. Their power of mental communication made them a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. And it wasn’t long before they two were clambering to fight as well. Already seeing how their brother's attempt had gone they weren’t anxious to try. So in the dead of night, they left for the mainland and the fight.

They fought bravely and honorably for many years, their twin swords brought a new sort of reputation to the house as well. Godric was a few years younger then his siblings but that didn’t stop him from him trying to advance as well. Godric did his part by helping in the war effort. As a young man, he worked tirelessly to give aid and relief to the people affected by the war. He traveled to many places trying his best to help, not shy to hide his pacifist views.

Using huge sums of the families money he is able to provide some help. But the draining of funds came with the disapproval from the rest of the family, who quite enjoyed their big funds and big reputations. So at his parents request he was whisked back to Ombra where he continued to try and help. No longer with his parent's funds backing his goals, he decided his next best thing would be to find alternative sources of money. This formed the basis of his marriage to Henna, however, this was postponed due to his other siblings not having been married. As the youngest, he was forced to wait until they were married. That didn’t stop Godric and Henna from using her funds to start setting up shelters and such all over the lands, much to his parent's disapproval.

But thankfully about a year later Donatello, the oldest was found a match. Alaric and Basilia had decided the arranged pair with another of Ombra’s leading politicians, to wed Donatello to Eloise. Eloise was a shrewd woman, caring little for the man she was going to marry and much more for her political position. Though they weren’t the most friendly to each other, on the political scale they were fierce allies. Working together almost seamlessly even though they had little love for each other. As expected after much passive aggressive pressure they produced an heir, Lilac. A sweet girl seeming to be a carbon copy of her father beside her delicate face and strawberry hair of her mother. She soon became everyone in the houses child and was much loved by everyone in the family.

The two were now married though they continued to stay in the giant mansion. For a year or so everything retained a sense of normality. All the children fought in their own battles, both on the political sides and the twins battle side. Then tensions grew in the family at the announcement that Henna was pregnant. It was obvious who the father was and Alaric and Basilia were furious. Determined not to ruin the family name they quickly wed the two. But before the marriage took place it was announced Henna was expecting a child as well. The next few months were a flurry of activity getting ready for all that was to happen. Though it went rather smooth though nothing was forgotten on either side. The marriage was held and the family name saved, both babies were born, only a few months between the two.

Donatello and Eloise’s child was a small boy quite the opposite of his sister, Marlo. Small and bawling, he had the dark hair of his father though still retained the delicate features of his mother. Godric and Henna’s baby also retained the families inherited blue and gold eyes, as well as his mother’s dark hair and slightly darker skin. He was named Jasper and was held close to the family. Unknown to the rest of the family Jasper wasn’t truly the son of the family. On one of Godric and Henna’s trips, they had stumbled into a bit of dirty fun. And unbeknownst to them one of the shapeshifters at the party had been impregnated by Godric. They were later given the child which they both happily took for their own. No one is aware of his bastard origins besides his parents. Henna loved the child as her own, considering it her own. With the flurry of activity coming to close it seemed the families would finally get a breath of air.

Most were being forgotten if not completely forgiven and a happy peace settled over the house. Both twins had been away for the activity, though they had made an appearance at the wedding raising everyone’s spirits. The children grew and for a good many years everything was at peace. Godric, Henna, Donatello, and Eloise all stayed in Ombra to raise their children. Though conflict was still happening in outside of the house, once more they were unaffected in the home. They were all happy, living together as a family unit. All relying on each other even if they did have differences.

And though the children's happiness seems unaffected by the war the adults knew it was happening. At the announcement of the Moon festival, Godric and Henna became determined not to miss such an occasion also decided to bring their son, Jasper. He had grown in the same stable luxury as the first generation of children, never having left the island of Ombra. To the arguments of Alaric and Basilia, the three headed to the festival. They went but immediately knew the peace was only temporary. They were quick to get back to the safety of the house. Then came the Great War, that started the misery of the parents. The effects were immediately felt not only by the Twins renewed fury on the field but by all the family. Once more old family and friends were dying daily in a war that seemed endless.

The family once safe and secure started to get spread thin. Donatello went overseas long periods of time, to work on negatives and strategy for the war. Meanwhile, Cordelia and her children stayed in Ombre and worked with the ruling class to help in the effort. Godric and Henna continued their aid rescue to both allies and enemies, much to the dismay of Alaric, Basilica and the twins, all who were actively fighting the war.

Then one rainy afternoon came the message from overseas, that Fiona had died. Sons of grief echoed the halls for weeks to come. The whole family seeming to be torn apart by the loss. Even the children who had bare encounters with the twins, fed off the grief of their parents. With the news also came that of Ophelia. After her twins death, she had fallen deathly ill, no doubt in relation to the link they shared. She was being treated but was too weak to return to Ombra. Alaric immediately shipped off on a mission to return with the fallen but living child and retrieve the body of the other. He was gone for many weeks before returning, but with only one body. Upon his return, he relayed the information that he had been unable to find Ophelia.

After being healed she had taken off, deserting the war and seeming to have disappeared into the wind. No one knew if she was alive or dead, and he had finally been forced to give up. Basilia who was stricken beyond repair by the news fell into a deep depression, though her steely nature made it almost impossible to see. The only clue was deep sobbing that rung through the house at night, showing everyone how deep a mother’s grief went. The one most affected by both the deaths was Alaric. Still, with a strong guilt of being unsuccessful in finding Ophelia, he became withdraw into himself. Once cheerful turned dark and sick.

Hearing of such deaths and happenings Donatello returned home to help the family. Though his arrival brought up new things between him and Eloise. Their children now are grown and ready to spread their wings, both were uneasy. Fighting jealousy of not being able to leave as well, Eloise and Donatella’s relations decreased. No longer allies stressed and needing of each other, they became more and more distant. Which came to a fever pitch with the arrival of a new woman, Katrina. She was a young lady who was the apparent bastard child of Donatello and Cordelia. Cordelia, a woman he had met on his travels abroad.

However, Cordelia had died though not before sharing with Katrina her father's name. The scandal rocked the already unstable house and made tempers flare. Alaric and Basilia were outraged by their son, which wasn’t helped by the bad timing. Donatello was of no help, more worried about keeping Eloise around then his daughter. The immediate reaction of the family was to send Katrina away. She hadn’t been born in the walls of the house, making her an outsider from the rest of the family. She left, outraged by her father and her family. She left Ombre, settling the family from doing anything worse.

Eloise, however, was not satisfied, she no longer trusted her husband at all. Their failing marriage crumbled and became too much too handle for Lilac. The darling of the house left Ombra and made her way to the mainland to fight. All information of her departure was left in a note. Everyone was in outrage, a seemingly constant state during the Great War. It was only about two months before she was sent home in a body bag. This seemed to be the last straw for Alaric. His already failing health due to depression finally took him over. One night he was found dead in his bed, seemingly dead if natural causes though everyone knew it was the grief and stress of the deaths. At her husband's death, Basilia grew colder and more withdrawn from the world. Her partner was now gone and besides her children, she saw no reason to hold on.

Marlo came to a similar mindset seeing no reason to stay in the mansion. He had always lived in his sister's shadow except to his grandfather. Now with both dead, he left as well, though no one tried to stop him. Only fueling him further into getting as far from the house as he could. He moved to Aver, where he had made contacts in years past, the line of Ice magic being a great help. He grew there, starting his own business. He occasionally sends letters to the house but following the long-standing tradition, he is mainly ignored.

With the leave of both their children, Eloise was finally done with the family. She moved out of the mansion against the pleading of Donatella. Not to be stopped she left and little contact was made afterward. Two months later she was killed too, but not by the war. A random horse and wagon accident had removed the strong-willed woman from the world. After all the death and destruction, seen by everyone in the family such an average death seemed surreal. The once unmovable force of Eloise was now nothing but dust. And even though they weren’t together anymore this sent Donatello into a spiral. With the death of his wife, he became severely depressed and eventually suicidal. As the new nations formed he was destroyed. One day he killed himself, leaving nothing but a note to his youngest child. No one knows what the note read besides M, who refused to tell the rest of the family.

With now two out of four of her children dead, Basilia picked up a new mission, to find Ophelia. She readied her trip before sending off to the mainland. After years of sending scouts, spies and other people she finally decided to lead the search herself. Now overseas she continues to look for her lost daughter. The rest of the family is scattered to the wind, most throwing themselves into work, war or drink. The only one who really stays at the house is Jasper, but even then it’s usually only for a night or two sporadically. ((Sorry about the length))

- ooc name -
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 Posted: Jun 28 2018, 03:09 PM

Age: 23
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All the Powers

Posts: 135
OOC: Olly & Laura

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