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 we are the next in line, [P] Erik
Aoife Caomhánach
 Posted: Mar 31 2018, 12:25 PM

Age: 28
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OOC: Olly

• these hummingbirds are not made for winter •

If one were to ever ask Aoife, she would not outwardly call herself a family-oriented individual. She rarely, if ever, found herself craving the company of her relatives, and when she was around them she did not experience that “warm, fuzzy feeling” that the more emotional elements were apt to calling it. Aoife also did not find herself actively wanting to pursue having a brood of her own either – it was simply expected of her. She wondered, briefly, if her familial indifference was what brought about the momentary look of surprise on his face. It was a subtle shift of his facial muscles, but she did not miss it. There was much that could be gleaned from a man and his relationship with his family, however. It could reveal how much care he intended to spend on her and their future family, or how much loyalty outside of public appearance that she could expect of him.

“Onryx?” she answered lightly, her voice more conversational than it usually was, as he had stuck a chord of curiosity within her. “Perhaps that is how our parents knew each other.” The amount of words spoken by their parents behind veils of secrecy and words unspoken entirely far surpassed the facts that she herself had been privy to. In some ways that annoyed her, but it gave her a chance to discover more from Erik’s own perspective. “Do you have ancestors in the Pools? My mother is a priestess there; it is her duty to oversee their burial.” The Frozen Pools themselves were of paramount importance to Aoife herself as well. Though she had no professional ties to them, she religiously trekked back to their frozen shores to visit them and the ancestors of her own that lay entombed within.

• still i don't mind the snow, and the cold could make them strong •
Erik Lothar
 Posted: Apr 21 2018, 10:02 PM

Age: 32
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OOC: Spotty

“Perhaps so. It does seem to be the clearest relation.” he offered with a brief tip of his head.

While he wasn't exactly privy to what had been agreed upon by their parents, he found the fact he was betrothed to a woman from Onryx to be very inline with his mother's character. She had always wanted and demanded the best of her children. She was adept in every facet of being an obedient and soft-spoken noblewoman. But she was also a strong soul, very much capable of independence in thought - no doubt bred from her profession. It would be of no surprise to him if she had been the one to push his father into seeking this union.

At her question as to whether or not he had ancestors embraced forever in the sacred pools of Onryx, he nodded a bit deeper in agreement - hiding his inner amusement at the question behind the briefest appearance of upturned lips. It was an inquiry that - at face value - seemed easy to deduce. But while there was a time and place for presumption, some questions were just better asked plainly and he could respect that. “Many,” it was a statement better delivered in a mix between pride and sorrow, but came out matter-of-factly - as if she had asked him a more mundane question.

Not wholly satisfied with his own answer, he elaborated somewhat. “Most lived a long life, but naturally some were lost to war and are only buried in spirit.”

Musing on the description of her mother, he wondered as to her own path. She was certainly devout, but she did not strike him as a priestess. “And what of you, Lady Caomhánach? What do you do back home?” It was his first hardy question within their exchange. Like himself, it was direct - though not indecorous. She might have felt she needed to stick to the unseen rules of propriety, and scrape at the surface bit by bit, but Erik was a rather candid man all things considered. Of course he too had social and moral boundaries he did not dare to cross, but his sex - perhaps unfairly - left him the privilege to be more forthright in his dialogue. Though, he hoped Aoife might take part in some of that freedom, in his company at least - for it would make for some far more comprehensive enlightenment on both their parts.

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