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 What's Mine Is Yours (Maybe), Natalia
 Posted: May 12 2018, 05:11 PM

Lightning & Fire
Age: 21
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OOC: Ayami

 Only ignorance excuses stupidity.

He usually didn't get to this too much with his rigorous schedule as a fighter, so to be running through the forest, any forest at this point, was a welcome relief. He loved feeling the wind on his fur, and the quickness of his reflexes as they responded to each and every turn he made as he dodged broken trees and fallen down limbs, ducking and swerving left and right. This was what he would call freedom.

However, something caused him to stop in his tracks; an unfamiliar sight, especially since everything in this forest was considered dead, so there wasn't much wildlife to see. Much to Neil's surprise, there, about 20 yards from him, was a buck, and a healthy looking one at that. It was odd, seeing wildlife so far from where everything was alive and flourishing with life. How had it gotten so far out of its element? No matter. It wasn't a time for questioning.

Instead it was a time for hunting. Instincts kicked in, and he immediately crouched low. His fur sort of blended in with the surroundings, matching the brown and burnt soil, but it was times like these where he wished he was black and gray so that he had a better chance of not being seen. He inched forward a few steps, being careful not to stray from his prey, and being careful not to make any noise.

His stomach rumbled, as his wolf instincts wanted the fresh meat, and right now, since he was enjoying himself, he wasn't going to deny that side of him. As a human, he prefered his meals cooked, but in wolf form, anything went. Inching a few more feet forward, he crouched low yet again, watching the buck as it looked around, seemingly on high alert. He hadn't made any noise, so what had set this deer off? No matter, that wasn't his focus. His focus was on getting the kill.

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