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 No Horse Like Your Horse [Nymue]
Shandor Strongheart
 Posted: May 15 2018, 12:21 PM

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OOC: Fyra

Shandor remained quiet as she began to speak,listening with quiet intensity. His eyebrows pulled down as she began to tell of her uncle. He sounded much like someone Shan would not like. The man had always valued freedom far more than structure. And his eyes darkened as Nymue pulled her legs to her chest, beginning to shudder as she recounted an undetailed account of what made her run away in the first place. His jaw clenched as protectiveness surged through him. Her eyes raised to his, and Shandor’s muscles were tense as she pleaded with him silently.

When he finally rose, his movements were careful, but firm. He gathered Nymue into his arms once again, settling her into his lap and shifting her so that she would be comfortable. Burly arms wrapped around her gently and he tucked her head under his chin. From there she would be able to hear the low growl reverberating through his chest. He was angry,and as far as he was concerned, rightfully so. What sort of man fell upon his own family, even in drunken lust?

Shan allowed silence to reign for a few minutes, urging Nymue back into confidence with one hand rubbing her shoulder and his chin resting upon her hair. He understood her a bit better now. For years she had been running, hiding, avoiding any opportunity for her uncle to reclaim his authority over her. She was scared that if she stayed with people, somebody would turn her over.

But, she had spoken her solution as plain as day. His control over her legally only lasted so long as she was unmarried. His voice was calm, level, and warm, as usual. ”Nonsense, Nymue. Of course you could stay, if you wished. There is more than one man in Miador who would accept you as a wife. Even by the old laws, guardians cannot choose who you marry. It is tradition for the noble families of the old Ice tribe but few other places. With a husband, your uncle would have no claim upon you by any sense of the law.”

He pulled back, green eyes thoughtful. One hand lifted to push her chin to look up at him, his gaze serious. ”And even if no one else would, Nymue, I will. In name only if that is what you would want. Protection and yet all the freedom you could wish for.” His expression was wholly serious, even as he added on. ”Undoubtedly Bear would do the same to protect you.”
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