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 this mistrust is contagious, open
 Posted: Feb 5 2018, 10:12 PM

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Her only objective was to scout the area. A fresh face in these parts would stir neither suspicion nor memories. She appeared to be yet another poor wayfarer, lost among the chaos with little to support herself with. Her long cloak, frayed at the ends where it dragged along the road, was an indistinguishable colour - the original shade lost to dirt and time. A scarf, much the same, dingy tone, was wrapped neatly around her head, covering all but her face. Only her bright, honey eyes shone, betraying her intelligence, and ultimately, her excitement about being allowed to wander. Of course, Rio would never dare dream of going off on her own to abandon her owner. Even the fleeting thought of it made her ill at ease.

She walked nearly the length of the market place, for many shops were boarded up or in various states of abandonment or neglect. Business was not thriving, she had been told, but it was returning. The best bet was likely to get a foot in the door, so the young woman kept her eyes and ears open for anything that might tip her off. Of course, there was nothing she could find that she did not already know. Things were changing, gods were creating an imbalance, the pawns of the world simply wanted an escape. She sighed, watching a pair of conversing men, their voices a low murmur. If only she could say something to reassure them that everything would be ok.

The men turned to look, and she hastily bowed her head and carried on, her face flushing with embarrassment. Nowhere in her orders was she supposed to feel sympathy for others, or waste her time on things that were deemed meaningless. Her blundering continued as she then bumped into a woman, a giantess by her standards, who did not seem to take kindly to carelessness. "I beg your pardon!" Rio gasped, stepping away with the grace of a ballerina. The brutish woman growled, and spat tobacco where the young slave had once been standing. Holding her breath, Rio scurried on ahead, silently scolding herself for being caught up in a moment of carelessness.

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