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 Yo ho yo ho; the pirates life for me, Nat
Morana Demodras
 Posted: Feb 25 2018, 07:40 PM

Fire & Ice
Age: 18
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Posts: 49
OOC: Azzy

The question that was presented in front of her was something wasn't how to answer. Morana had been every where since her journey began. It was just a matter of time until she had settled down. Though when that would be she was unsure of. "Everywhere. I travel, or used to." Until she got here, Morana had traveled all over the world and hadn't stopped. Until now. It was strange truly, but she enjoyed the solid feeling she got of not having to run or hide in a sense. It was enjoyable and Morana was fine with that. "What about you?"

Natalia Voight
 Posted: Mar 12 2018, 03:44 PM

Lightning & Fire
Age: 20
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Portal Creation

Posts: 41
OOC: Spotty

The fact that the woman traveled wasn't unsurprising. She had the look of a traveler, a drifter, one that never stayed long enough to put down roots. ”You rich or something then? Doing all that traveling?” Natalia asked casually. But again she and her kind more than anyone knew that coin was far from the only currency one could bring to the table. Especially an attractive young woman. Natalia had her streaks of pride, but she'd learned a long time ago that her body was just as good of an asset as anything else when push came to shove.

”I've mostly stayed to the mainland,” she shrugged before continuing. ”But sometimes business takes me to the godsforsaken rock east of here.” Ombra. Despicable place. Not for its morals, or lack thereof, but for what they had done, having the audacity and power to make Caldo bend a knee in her most vulnerable moments; bend a knee to that snake and self proclaimed god of theirs’. It was unforgivable really.

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