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 What's New, 09 January 2018
 Posted: Jan 9 2018, 10:54 AM

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OOC: Olly & Laura


Hello everyone! As most are already aware, the site has been going through some major changes as it hits the final stages of the revamp. I have made this post here so that you can catch up on what has changed in one place.


Since the rising of Ombra in the eastern island, turmoil spread once more across the mainland of Eudocia. With the seeds of distrust planted by Sunil himself to the older kingdoms, alliances and enemies were created and destroyed as fast as they were made. It appeared, at first, that whisperings between Caldo and Aver would actually create an unstoppable force, but the divide that has always existed between the two could not quite be vanquished. Their alliance lasted long enough for Aver’s navy to launch an assault on Vestius, Ombra’s capital, but the plan quickly backfired when Sirenia was marched upon by the Caldonian army and covert Ombrian legions.

With the alliance broken – though who it was that double-crossed Aver still has not been discovered – Caldo and Aver quickly turned against each other, and a massive war raged between the two with all other previous goals left behind with the fallen soldiers. It was in those months that Sunil finally made his move. Ombra swiftly and deftly swarmed the mainland of Eudocia, first destroying the ports of all three kingdoms, and then swept across the lands until the exhausted kingdoms were forced into subservience under Sunil’s rule.

Books were destroyed. Culture was squelched. What physical history the kingdoms held dear were either burned or thrown into the depths of the ocean. Sunil did what he could to ensure that the people of Eudocia not only saw him as a king, but as a god.

With enough power and effort, Sunil was finally able to complete his goal – ascension. No one knows exactly where or how the demigod was able to ascend, but his sudden evaporation from Eudocia quickly spread by word of mouth. The kingdoms were quick to abandon any changes Sunil had made, but they were not free of error. Skirmishes between the remains of the kingdoms and the rogues continued as if war had never ceased, though now the battlegrounds were fewer and farther between from the loss of life and massive destruction that had already occurred. The monarchies that once existed did no longer, with the rulers either dead, hidden away, or long since fled. Each town, at best, created its own governance in an attempt to rebuild society there. Others were left as abandoned wastelands.

All hope seemed lost for the great majority of Eudocia, and two years ago, that hope was either smothered entirely or lit anew, for the old gods finally returned to them. This was not a show of mercy or healing, but a great and forceful exodus from their unreachable, immortal realm. They came falling from the sky as meteors, crawling from the volcanoes bathed in lava, bursting from the depths of the ocean leaving deadly tidal waves. Now not only is Eudocia scarred by war and left to exhaustedly lick its wounds, but dangerous, inexplicable power now walks the world with the mortals. For some, this is salvation returned. For others, this is another great setback in returning the realm to what it once was.


1249 ; War breaks out between Caldo and Aver.
1251 ; Sunil and his Ombrian fleets join the warfront.
1255 ; Sunil conquers, though both conquest and diplomacy, the kingdoms in Eudocia. Lore, history, and culture are destroyed when found and everyone is forced into following a single doctrine.
1263 ; Sunil ascends, leaving Eudocia in anarchy and chaos. Small battles begin anew while other towns attempt to rebuild what has been lost.
1266 ; The deities are cast down upon the earth and begin causing havoc.
1268 ; Present day


  • “Kingdom” has been changed to “Loyalty” in the character application, as the kingdoms do not truly exist anymore. Characters can remain loyal to the kingdoms of old, however.
  • Ranks remain the same, but be aware of the altered political atmosphere. There are no monarchs, and many characters now will likely have utility-based ranks such as trader, merchant, blacksmith, etc.
  • Characters can now be unaffiliated. This is one step further than rogue, as rogues have banded together during the war. Unaffiliated characters have no political standing. All deities that are not second generation are Unaffiliated.
  • Deities are now adoptable! Two or three at a time will be available until adopted out. Check out this link for the adoptables and audition rules!


  • An updated World Map
  • An updated timeline image in the Guidebook
  • A Civilization Application where groups can take over towns or boards.
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